Choose the technology of the future. Our main task is to offer our customers advanced technologies in the field of digital Internet TV. The fundamental difference between digital television and analogue is that the television signal is transmitted in the form of digital codes.

This transfer takes place in a completely different way – no distortion, no interference. Perfect transfer! When the digital stream is transmitted, new things become possible that are difficult or impossible to access on analogue television.

Digital Internet TV offers more options such as availability and variety of the channels directly on your tv screen, as well as catch up tv service  of the recorded programs from the archive for 72h. Conveniently available – you will never miss a broadcast again! For viewing in excellent quality, you only require a stable internet connection with a speed of 2 Mbits.



No refunds are provided! Pay attention to this when replenishing your balance! Each time the balance is replenished, it is necessary to issue a new invoice for payment. You need to pay exactly as much as indicated in the invoice. Otherwise, money cannot be credited automatically.

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