Connection instructions:

List of compatible devices:

To view our service, you need a set-top box or SmartTV from the list of compatible devices:

For the Mag prefixes we have the modification of an insertion. It is possible to look at the instruction for installation here.
  • Mag200
  • Mag245
  • Mag250
  • Mag255
  • Mag254
  • Mag256
  • Mag257
  • Mag270
  • Mag275
  • AuraHD
  • AuraHD+
  • AuraHD international
  • AuraHD international second edition

  • TV-101
  • TV-102
  • TV-204
  • TV-301
  • TV-303D
  • DuneHD Connect
  • DuneHD Base 3D
  • DuneHD Solo Lite
  • DuneHD Solo 4K
  • DuneHD Duo 4K
  • Other models produced after 2014

  • 2012 of release: E, ES series
  • 2013 of release: F, FS series
  • 2014 of release: H, HU, HS series
  • 2015 of release: J, JS, JU series (with the version of an insertion not higher than 1400)

To view a complete list of devices, click on the table cell

We give you 3 days of free viewing so that you can read it and decide for yourself whether you need it. At the end of 3 days, your prefix will go into standby mode. If you liked everything and you decided to continue looking at us further, you will need to go to the PAYMENT section and make a payment there.

After payment, the system will automatically resume broadcasting within a few minutes.

If you do not have a set-top box, we can send it to you by mail and in a few days you will receive it, (already fully configured and ready for undefined use).

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